Floating Stairs...On A Budget

I am really good at inventing money pits all around our house.  Money pits are those projects/details/items that seem to absorb any amount of money thrown at them.  I start thinking the only way to build something is by purchasing the most expensive materials, and then I create wild, unfeasible ideas about how to put them together.  This is when a good designer steps in and reels me back in.  Luckily, I live with my designer so he is always there to patiently listen to my extravagant idea and then provide an alternative that is budget friendly.  My first reaction is usually skeptical but then I remember that I trust him.  I also remember that I don't have a clue about building things or the ability to envision the finished product.

Details like floating stairs can become money pits.  These, however, were not.  Jan has created a very cool detail using easy to find, relatively inexpensive materials.  The steel steps are galvanized something, attached to a steel plate of some type (now you know the extent of my engineering knowledge).  Could these stairs look sleeker?  Yes, and they could be much more expensive.  I think it's all about finding the balance between sleekness and budget, prioritizing the money pits, and finding the breaking point where adding more expense doesn't equally add more awesomeness.