Jeff Cockrell - head of construction & project manager (2013-present)

Jeff came to modern by chance, but it’s by no coincidence that we wanted to keep him around.  He had run a successful design and construction company for 5 years before he showed up at our offices to buy paper and ask if he could collaborate on a job with us.  Now, not only does Jeff help manage our projects, but he joins the team at the earliest phase possible. He usually starts during the project analysis and programming phase, then begins to help generate a detailed construction proposal using cost breakdowns and proposals from our bid documents.  This collaboration opens up the project to further scrutiny and leads to creating detailed construction documents used during the process by all of our in-house artisans and contractors.

Once the project is complete Jeff performs a post project analysis while creating a detailed "as-built" plan, to make sure all expectations were met and exceeded, he details his findings in a report on how we could do better in the future and where we excelled.

David B. Howe - designer & project manager (2018-present)

Drawing on his extensive background in art and design, and over 20 years experience in the pool design build industry, David gains a comprehensive understanding of the project by collaborating closely with our clients to conceive unique spaces that seamlessly complement existing architecture while integrating surrounding landscapes. The ongoing relationships he forms collaborating with clients inspires David to imagine and create outdoor environments individually tailored to our clients that elevate their day-to-day experience. Whether it’s simplicity in form, functional honesty, or aesthetic elaboration and design embellishment, he adjusts to unite design elements and exceed client expectations.

David graduated from Texas State University in 2002, where he received a BA in Studio Art with a specialization in sculpture and has been in the design build industry since. His passion for camping, hiking, birdwatching and the outdoors, coupled with his ever-present love of art and architecture keep him inspired and current. Over the past 4 years David has received 10 national and international design awards, including a Gold medal in the 2016 APSP International Awards of Excellence, and the 2017 Pool & Spa Masters of Design award.

Tim Sack - project management to the luxury development & hospitality market (2015-present) Aspen office

With a background spanning nearly all key elements of the design space, Tim brings a unique set of experiences which provide a comprehensive service, and a thoughtfully combined balance between aesthetic, construction, execution and the promotion to his projects. His understanding of the construction field combines with a design awareness, honed over years as a leader in the luxury design media business, allowing for smooth communication and efficient execution of projects and developments of varying scale and scope.

A thought leader in design thinking, his open approach to client projects provides layers of value through efficiency management, solution creation and transparency.

Marisela Sotelo | Engineer (1999-present)

A professional Civil Engineer currently licensed in the state of Texas, Marisela investigates our project designs to ensure structural soundness. Her experience and ability to adapt to new construction techniques gives basis to our design solutions.

Alex Whitaker | AIA (2007-2009 & 2013-present)

Alex began working with modern as a project manager in 2007 and took 5 years away to get his Architecture license.  During the process he worked and traveled through New York, Dripping Springs, and Wimberly.  Now that Alex has rejoined our team, he adds a new dimension of design and keeps us at the forefront of design technology.  Using Revit, AutoCad, ScetchUp and Vectorworks we are able to render navigable models and create real time changes to CD's.

Jonathan Ericson | IPSSA (2016-present)

Jonathan has been in the pool service industry for over 10 years & came to us with the desire to expand his intensive service knowledge into constructibility & feasibility analysis.  Having first hand knowledge of what mechanical manufacturers and designs work best in the industry gives us an edge over the competition, especially when it comes to reducing service calls and increasing the clients enjoyment of the overall project.  We joke that our clients like to invite Jonathan over, not just to fix issues, but rather to enjoy his company while he programs interesting scenes into their automation systems.