MATERIAL WORLD  | Luxe magazine  |  Jan. 2018

Until recently, Austin builder Jan Sotelo had constructed homes using mostly only traditional materials: concrete, steel, glass and wood. But everything changed when local designer Darwin Harrison asked him to bring to life the drawings he made for his new residence with partner Robert Buckner.  (to keep reading download the PDF)

cool pools  |  Austin monthly home  | summer 2017

WATER PLAY- GROUND  -  This is not so much a pool as it is a water park. Located on a 100- acre property in Dripping Springs, this 125,000-gallon pool... (to keep reading download the PDF)

built for modern life  |  tribeza  | oct. 2017

A vast array of new homes around Austin feature flat roofs, unadorned square and rectangular structures, and walls of glass. Beautiful from the street but, really, how comfortable is a modern home? Don’t all those hard, white surfaces feel cold? How do people live in such giant, open rooms, anyway? And where is that cozy spot, the one for a quiet chat or reading, craved by human beings since the world began? (to keep reading download the PDF)